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Awareness and prevention are the first steps toward maintaining good health. Simple lifestyle changes like reducing your weight, making healthy food choices and exercising not only help prevent diabetes but are also an important part of living well with the disease. HMC is proud to have a highly specialized team of diabetes clinicians and support staff who utilize, and contribute to, the most up to date research and medical practices in the field. Using the latest information, treatments and technology, HMC is committed to caring for children and adults living with diabetes. Our number one priority is helping diabetics live a long and healthy life.

About this site

We encourage you to refer to this website as a resource in order to better understand diabetes and related health issues. The information on this site will provide you with:

  • An understanding of what diabetes is
  • Lifestyle advice – for prevention and management
  • An introduction to HMC’s services, facilities and multidisciplinary care teams
  • News, research and educational resources for health professionals
  • Other useful resources

A first-class service

HMC offers first-class diabetes diagnosis, assessment, education, management and multi-disciplinary care. Some of the world’s leading endocrinology experts are part of the HMC team.

Diabetes and Fasting During Ramadan

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Diabetes Education Program

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